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Temptag Info
Instructions Hygiene Consistency Precision


The Temptag ® will indicate when the ideal milk temperature is reached by changing colour.
  • Ensure the metal jug surface is clean and dry.
  • Simply attach to your metal jug as illustrated.
  • Press and rub the Temptag® to ensure all air bubbles are removed, and you have a solid bond.
  • It is recommended that an additional Temptag® be placed on the opposite side for right or left handed use.
  • As the yellow window begins to appear, shut off steam immediately to ensure ideal temperature is achieved.

Temptag Information


Often, traditional thermometers become very unhygienic and can have health and safety issues if not cared for properly, such issues are:
  • being left on the drip tray of coffee machine covered in milk.
  • left in a glass of dirty water all day, build up of bacteria.
  • transferred from one jug to another, cross contamination.
  • wiped with either dirty cloths or aprons, transfer of bacteria.
  • If not removed from the jug, falls out when pouring.

Once applied, the TempTag does not need to be removed for months, just wipe clean, and keep using day after day.

TempTag has no direct contact with milk, this avoids cross contamination as well as the spread of bacteria.This level of hygiene is fundamental towards attracting more customers to your business.


TempTag will promote consistency in many ways.

Shift rotations will more than likely result in a change of coffee served. Using the TempTag will minimise any changes in the temperature of the milk, giving the customer a consistent coffee no matter who is making it.

TempTag is ideal for training of new staff.

  • Maintaining quality.
  • Understanding how different milk types sound and react to steaming.
  • Assisting senior staff to ensure consistency at all times.

Put simply, serving a consistent coffee means more people through the door!


"Take the guess work out of milk preparation"

When is the last time you calibrated your thermometer?

The reaction of the TempTag is instant, and there are no delays or waiting for correct readings.

Usually, when using traditional thermometers, the steam is cut off at or around 65 degrees. The temperature will continue to rise for 5 – 10 seconds. This method will provide no guarantee the milk hasn''t already been burnt. Most people will usually shut off the steam just before 65, allowing for the typical delay in the reading, however, this is really only guessing.

The TempTag will give an instant reaction once milk is at its optimum for serving with coffee, 65 degrees celcius for normal milk and 58 degrees celcius for soy milk.

The Idea

Millions of coffees are consumed Australia wide weekly.

The majority of cafes emphasise on the coffee brand, origin, preparation and equipment, however, the thermometer has not significantly evolved for years.

A bitter or bad tasting coffee is usually blamed on the coffee itself, or brand used. Often it''''s caused by burnt or re-heated milk.

The Temptag team decided it was time to develop a product, which was easy to use, as well as being hygienic, precise, and affordable.

After years of development and research, the Temptag arrived.

The Temptag is Patented, designed and made in Australia.

Temptag has been tested by experienced Barista’s Australia wide with outstanding results.